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Decoupage Paper - ITD - A4 - R0782 - Christmas Santa 3 Set - Rice Paper

Decoupage Paper - ITD - A4 - R0782 - Christmas Santa 3 Set - Rice Paper

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Size A4 - 210x297 mm / 8.27x11.7 in; paper weight 30-35 gsm

Semi-transparent, in a natural tone of white. Contains clearly visible fibers of irregular gauge, arranged in all directions all over the paper surface, giving it an original look and structure. The paper is unusually strong and durable, it does not disintegrate in hands. It is easy to stick to any base used in decoupage (glass, wood, mdf, polystyrene foam, etc.), with any glue dedicated for it. It is possible to lengthen it slightly while decorating rounded objects and it does not corrugate.

Bright colors, that do not wash off in contact with glue and do not fade. The overprint is done with use of a verified technology, and the design is impressive. The rice paper for decoupage does not need any previous preparation. Just glair it and stick.

Excellent colours, great patterns. Rice paper in retro and vintage style, with flowers, bouquets, ornaments, old cars, occasional motives and many others - always accompanied by interesting and colorful backgrounds!

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