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Decoupage Paper - Posh - PCD021 - Script - A3 (11.7"x16.5") Rice Paper

Decoupage Paper - Posh - PCD021 - Script - A3 (11.7"x16.5") Rice Paper

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The Posh Chalk Script Decoupage A3

The Posh Chalk Script Decoupage Rice Paper is a must-have product for any DIY enthusiast or creative artist.  This high-quality rice paper features delicate script, in the form of a French love poem.  Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any project. Perfect for decoupaging furniture, home decor items, or crafts, this rice paper is easy to apply and can be used on a variety of surfaces. The Posh Chalk Script Decoupage Rice Paper is versatile and can be used with various adhesives and sealants, allowing you to create beautiful and unique pieces with ease.

How to use: To effectively use Posh Chalk Decoupage, start by ensuring that the surface is clean and dry before applying any materials. Next, apply a thin layer of Posh Chalk Infusor to the designated surface, ensuring even coverage. Gently lay the Posh Chalk Decoupage paper onto the surface, using a brush to swipe across the paper while holding it taut with your other hand to prevent any unwanted creases or air bubbles. Smooth the decoupage paper down onto the surface with the brush, ensuring a seamless finish. Once you are satisfied with the placement, apply another coat of Posh Chalk Infusor to seal the paper in place. If needed, mist a small amount of water during the sealing process to help the paper and infusor blend into a cohesive unit. Allow the project to dry completely to achieve a professional-looking result. The meticulous steps outlined ensure a smooth and secure application of Posh Chalk Decoupage, allowing your creative visions to come to life effortlessly.

Tip: For more vibrant colors in your decoupage projects, start by priming the surface with white before applying the Posh Chalk Decoupage paper. This technique enhances the paper’s true colors and prevents them from blending with the base surface. By establishing a neutral background, your decoupage pieces will pop and draw attention with a striking finish. Experiment with pre-painting in white to elevate your designs and create visually stunning results.

Posh Chalk products represent a curated collection of premium artisan products and tools designed by SollyJo to inspire and elevate the world of DIY and crafting.

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