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Dixie Belle

Dixie Belle - Wax - Best Dang Wax - Clear

Dixie Belle - Wax - Best Dang Wax - Clear

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Best Dang Wax truly is exactly what the name implies - The Best Dang wax on the market. Unlike most furniture wax, ours is water-based and has NO VOC's! Best Dang wax is smooth and creamy and will add depth and dimension to your project as well as protect your piece.

Try mixing Dixie Belle paint into Clear Best Dang Wax to create your own custom wax color. No matter if you are chalk painting your furniture or you just want to wax unpainted furniture, Best Dang Wax will be your Best Dang Friend!

We recommend you use our Best Dang BrushLa Petite Brush or Belle Brush to apply Best Dang Wax.

Choose from Clear, Brown, Black, Grunge Gray and White.


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